lighting design

Lighting Design

Lighting design is one of the most important aspects of a show that most people don’t even notice. If you can see everyone clearly, and they look natural and realistic, then you think nothing of the lighting, but at New England Stageworks, we know what it takes to achieve this balance of subtly enhancing your show without distracting from what the audience is supposed to be focusing on. We also specialize in the specific requirements of lighting dance by using direct angles of light that enhance both the line of the dancers body and the movement of the choreography. We also know how to enhance beyond the basics if called for in the program by utilizing brightly colored lights, intense angles, and automated moving fixtures to add energy and excitement to an otherwise simple production, or we can use projections and gobos to help create the locales necessary.


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set design

Set Design

The scenery for a production is usually the first thing that the audience sees, and can often set the mood and locale of the show within a few seconds. At New England Stageworks we try to go a step further by creating a complete environment so that the audience feels like they are a immersed in the world of the play. Our sets tend to be high energy, visually interesting places that stimulate your senses. Additionally, by using the set to unify the lighting, scenic, and projection designs, all aspects of the show can grow together in exciting directions, going beyond your expectations.


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Technical Production

Building the perfect scenery for a production often takes specialized tools and great deal of knowledge. The technical director must be a master problem solver, engineer, carpenter, as well as financial manager. At New England Stageworks we can help you to achieve you plans efficiently and quickly. We can work with your own crew at your venue, or at our shop to build your sets, or we can take you plans and give you a completed project. Any project from a single prop to completely executed stage is possible.


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audio production

Audio Production and Design

At New England Stageworks, our trained professionals can provide complete audio engineering services for almost any type of music. We can get the most out of your equipment, or we can supplement with our own professional quality equipment. We take the time to learn about you musical needs and styles, no matter what they may be. We take pride in listening to the customer as well as the music so that we can give you the sound that you need.


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video recording

Video Recording and Production

At New England Stageworks we provide video or audio recording services in high definition. Before we record a show we will get detailed information from the client so that we can supply the right equipment to get the highest quality recording, as well as understanding the show ahead of time so we know where to focus the viewers attention. We have years of great experience with theatrical and dance performance and understand how to work with the limited light that is often available for these styles of shows. We typically use 2 canon high definition cameras mixed together to provide both full stage setup shots as well as crystal clear close-ups. At the end we will provide a top quality Blu-ray disk with scene markers and complete menus.


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cultural services

Cultural Production Services

New England Stagworks is proud to specialize in complete production services for cultural events and performances. Our talented production team gets involved from the beginning to help you create your total production. We get to know the client, and try to learn about the culture of the event so that you can focus on the people on-stage, while we take care of the supporting audio, video, and lighting equipment. This also allows for a single contact person for the entire production, instead of needing to call multiple companies with changes or problems. We are there from beginning to end to ensure the highest quality production.


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